Our Values

The Leadership and Congregation at The Life Focus Center understand the importance of accountability and credibility. We at LFC believe that people are interested in establishments that not only have defined values but also practice those values in their relationship with people and businesses. To ensure credibility we have not only defined our values but the behaviors that measure whether or not we are meeting our goals on living our values.




  • Financial accountability
  • Scriptural teaching
  • Professional conduct
Open book philosophy
  • Christian business practices
  • Separation in attitude from the world
Living a life acceptable to God and doing business in complete honesty
  • Reacting to people's needs
  • Empathic
  • Fervent Prayer
Ministering to the needs of people by providing both spiritual and material support for various needs that arise in people's lives.
  • Truthfulness even when it hurts
Being completely honest and truthful at all times.
  • Servicing the people you minister to in the church and community
Visiting people in the hospital. Being available at times of trials. Providing support for physical, emotional, and spiritual times of need.
  • Reacting to people's needs and request in a timely manner.
Responding to people's needs in a timely manner. Having sermons and teaching appropriate for the current issues in life.